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Listen AND Hear! Research proves over and over again that continued exposure to excessive noise levels can cause long term damage to a person’s hearing. It can happen where we work, but also where we play and have fun too! And that includes at the shooting range, racing car rallies, air shows and at rock […]

Listen AND Hear!

Research proves over and over again that continued exposure to excessive noise levels can cause long term damage to a person’s hearing. It can happen where we work, but also where we play and have fun too! And that includes at the shooting range, racing car rallies, air shows and at rock concerts. Ringing or sore ears are telling signs of damaging noise levels, but why wait till your ears are literally screaming for protection!….You can protect your ears very easily!

Read on to find out how…

 What did you say?       

I have worked in pretty noisy environments for most of my working life – in a steel mill for 18 years, then as a carpenter where I regularly use noisy power tools such as circular saw, hammer drill, jack hammer. In my leisure time, I enjoy going to concerts, car races and have been a member of a shooting range – all very noisy places! From time to time, I would plug in the foam earplugs, but mostly I couldn’t be bothered.

Yeah sure, my ears would be a bit (or a lot!) sore at the end of the day, but I didn’t do too much about it…until recentlywhen after having getting the results of a hearing test, I decided I simply didn’t want to damage my ears any further. I also saw friends having to live with the inconvenience, agony and isolation of severe hearing loss. I really didn’t want that kind of future for me, especially when I could easily prevent more damage. So, I spent some time checking out what was in the market place because I wanted a product that is top quality and would actually work.

Turn It Down! Turn It Up!

I came across a pair of Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Earmuffs. I was really impressed with these for a number of reasons, the main one being that it does two things really well, it cuts down the damaging impulse noises (e.g. nail gun, shooting rifle) and it can turn up the low level sounds 4 times (e.g. voices) so you can still hear what is going on around you.

In my situation, it meant that I could use them at work, at the shooting range and other places. These earmuffs are often marketed at target shooters at shooting ranges or for hunters, but I think for guys (and gals!) who work in noisy environments where there are impulse noises or have fun in noisy places, this is a great earmuff. I have friends who even use them at pub gigs and car rallies. The technology is pretty cool (attenuating and amplifying at the same time!). Now I can’t work or play without these earmuffs.

Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Earmuffs



8 Fabulous Reasons why you can’t go past Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Earmuffs Now!

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 31 (dB) decibels which means your ears are well protected.

  Limits amplified sounds to 82dB so you can count on your protection from hazardous impulse noises. No more ringing, sore ears.

Electronically amplifies low level sounds 4X which means you can hear conversations and the phone ring – keeping you safe and in the loop with what’s going on around you – who says you’ve got selective hearing!!
  Stereo microphones to amplify low level sounds, which means high tech sound detection and more safety for you.

Connects to iPod/MP3 and other devices so you can be hands-free and doing your thing (3.5mm connector cord is included)

Automatic 4-hour shut off means you don’t have to worry about leaving them on and you can simply get on with the job

Australian Safety Certified AU/NZS 1270:2005 Class 5 which means you can certain that you are being protected

  2 AAA batteries provide 200+ hours of operation saving you $$ so you can enjoy yourself and be confident that your hearing is protected

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 5 Star Customer Reviews

“I used to wear both ear plugs and earmuff for shooting clay targets coz my ears are very sensitive, but since I purchased the Howard Leoght Impact Pro earmuffs I no longer need the ear plugs and earmuff combination. I love being able to hear my friends talk and still have the noise reduction when I shoot. Love them. Highly recommend”

These ear muffs are incredible … The Howard Leight Pro’s in the indoor range wins hands down. High quality, very easy to change batteries, the fit is perfect and the electronic wizardry works flawlessly.

I have been a marksman for almost forty years which includes twenty years of experience in the U.S. Marine Corps. These ear muffs are an outstanding investment in your hearing protection

“I wore these for about three hours straight while taking a shooting lesson and literally forgot that I had them on. I really like the convenience of not having to take them off to hear the instructor who also did not have to raise his voice to talk to me. A must for everyone. “


Hearing FAQs

Q: How loud is too loud? When do I need to be wearing hearing protection?

A: As a general rule of thumb, if you have to raise your voice to talk to someone who is about an arm’s length away, then the noise is potentially detrimental to your ears. Also, if you have been in a noisy environment which leaves your ears  ringing or sounds seem dull or flat, you can most likely say that you were exposed to hazardous noise.

Q: What about hearing loss as we age?

A: The average person does not usually have hearing loss before approximately 60 years of age. In other words, people who are not exposed to noise and are healthy are likely to keep their hearing for many years. However, people who are exposed to noise and do not protect their hearing do in fact suffer hearing impairment earlier than this. For example, by age 25, some carpenters have the hearing of a 50 year old in comparison to their office worker colleague who works around less hazardous noise environments.
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Buy Now! If you want to protect your ears properly whether you’re at work or having fun, pick up the Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Earmuffs for your own peace of mind and well-being. 


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P.P.P.S. You will experience the results straight away! Coz the batteries are included, what are you waiting for!!??

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