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 Do You Work In A Noisy Workplace? Do You Use Power Tools? Do You Use A Mower? Do You Have Noisy Neighbours? Do You Want Some Peace & Quiet?… If You Have Answered ‘Yes’ To Any Of These Questions, Then Read On To Find Out The Simple Easy Solution… It’s a well-known fact that continued […]

 Do You Work In A Noisy Workplace?

Do You Use Power Tools?

Do You Use A Mower?

Do You Have Noisy Neighbours?

Do You Want Some Peace & Quiet?…

If You Have Answered ‘Yes’ To Any Of These Questions, Then Read On To Find Out The Simple Easy Solution…

It’s a well-known fact that continued exposure to noisy environments can damage your hearing permanently. That includes any kind of noise in any kind of environment. At concerts, air shows, at home, at work, at play…If your workplace is noisy, then you are especially being exposed for many hours DAILY! And all because your ears aren’t ringing or hurting at the end of the day doesn’t mean that they aren’t being affected by the constant noise – it’s accumulative.

You can protect them really easily! Read on to find out how…

Cut The Noise!

After having worked in a very noisy steel mill for 19 years and then as a carpenter, I realized that I was putting my hearing at risk if I didn’t protect them. Initially, I was pretty lazy and just didn’t do anything. You know the usual excuses – ‘don’t have any ear plugs…haven’t had a chance to buy any…can’t be bothered…too much of a hassle…keep losing them…feels weird”. It goes on and on!

Then I met a friend who had severe hearing loss from years of exposure to noisy environments. And that included going out to nightclubs, concerts and parties! He said that the worst part of it is not being able to hear what people are saying, not to mention all the safety issues associated with not being able to judge where a noise is coming from. It can be pretty scary.

It was then that I realized how important my hearing is to me. I did some serious market research because I didn’t want to use any old thing. I wanted the product to actually work and to work well. No point otherwise! Why waste your money on a poor quality product?

Plug It In!

After trying a number of different ear plugs, I finally came across the Howard Leight MAX-1 NRR33 Foam Ear Plugs. I really liked these earplugs for a number of reasons, but mostly because they are comfortable. I can leave them in all day and not be bothered by them. They are industry standard and have the highest noise reduction rating of all the ear plugs on the market today. This means I can really trust that they will do the job right. I actually used them at a concert recently and what a difference they made to my ears. I didn’t go home with sore, ringing ears!


 Howard Leight Laser Lite NRR32 Foam Ear Plugs – Plug it In!
Order Now To See & Feel The Difference Instantly!

I know that you’ll love these amazing Howard Leight Laser Lite NRR32 Earplugs!

Here are 6 fantastic reasons why you can’t go past these earplugs:

  Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 32 decibels This ear plug is the highest rated disposable earplug on the market today and that means you can trust and rely on them. Now you can relax and get on with the job.

Pre-shaped foam ear plugs for easier use and hygiene This means not only more comfy for you so you can wear them all day if you need to, but also takes care of your ears by preventing dirt and dust and all the yucky stuff getting into them.

Individually packed in poly bags For your personal hygiene and protection. No need to share!! When you’re finished with one pair, just grab another pair which has been packaged right!

Cool bright colour This means they are easy to see and find. Saves you time and frustration and you are more likely to wear them and protect your ears

 Handy & Convenient Keep a supply at work, at home, in your glove box, in your pocket. The individual packaging keeps them new and clean, ready to be used at any time
 ‘The world’s most-used polyurethane foam earplug’ According to the manufacturer, these earplugs are the most popular worldwide. Now that really says something about the product and its reputation. And being industry standard, this means they protect your ears! Can’t beat that.
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5 Star Customer Reviews  
I use these for motorcycle riding, working with power tools and also for airplane trips. They do the job.
These are the best ear plugs I’ve ever used. I find that I am not able to sleep without them. They are wonderful. The surface is smooth so my ears don’t get sore. They are very easy to insert.”
These are THE BEST earplugs I’ve tried and believe me, I’ve tried SEVERAL. I highly recommend these.”
“I have been wearing ear plugs for over 28 years and these are by far the best I have used. They hold their shape long enough to get them into the ear canal and they’re very comfortable. I use them for motorcycle riding and they block out wind and excessive engine noise while still allowing me to easily hear horns and sirens. I highly recommend these ear plugs.”
Hearing Protection FAQs
Q: How loud is too loud? When do I need to be wearing hearing protection?
A: As a general rule of thumb, if you have to raise your voice to talk to someone who is about an arm’s length away, then the noise is potentially detrimental to your ears. Also, if you have been in a noisy environment which leaves your ears are ringing or sounds seem dull or flat, you can most likely say that you were exposed to hazardous noise.
Q: What about hearing loss as we age?
A: The average person does not usually have hearing loss before approximately 60 years of age. In other words, people who are not exposed to noise and are healthy are likely to keep their hearing for many years. However, people who are exposed to noise and do not protect their hearing do in fact suffer hearing impairment earlier than this. For example, by age 25, some carpenters have the hearing of a 50 year old in comparison to their office worker colleagues who work in less hazardous noise environments.
Q: Will earplugs cause ear infections if they are dirty from handling at work?
A: Using earplugs will not cause ear infections. For personal hygiene reasons, simply, have clean hands when using earplugs.
Buy Now To Receive A Special Howard Leight Laser Lite NRR32 Earplugs Pack!

We are pleased to offer for a short time only, a special Howard Leight Laser Lite NRR32  Earplugs Pack. This includes:

  • 10 Pairs of Howard Leight Laser Lite NRR32 Earplugs
  • As our valued customer, you will receive a Free Newsletter from time to time with lots of fab info on hearing protection, other safety tips and updates on new products
  • One pair of Howard Leight MAX-1 NRR33 earplugs (coz you never know when you might need an extra pair) (have a look around our website if you want to stock up on more earplugs)The retail value of this pack is $15.99 so this means you are really getting good value for your money, not to mention the long-term investment in your hearing!


    Buy Now & Protect Yourself Today!

Buy Now & Protect Yourself Today! 

If in the unlikely event that you are not 100% thrilled with your product, please let us know and you can return it to have your payment refunded.

Buy Now! If you want to protect your ears properly, pick up the Howard Leight Laser Lite NRR32 Foam Ear Plugs today for your own peace of mind and well-being.  Do this for yourself today especially when there is no risk to you!
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